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Financial Advisor closed 3x MDRT from 1 Facebook post


 Royston Yeo

Financial Service Director, Great Eastern Singapore


  • Image as an "old-school leader" who cannot connect with team members and inspire them.
  • Poor personal branding, and his social media posts have low engagements.
  • Have low confidence in his ability to speak. Was silenced, bullied and abandoned as a child.


  • Coached 3 of his team members to achieve MDRT for the first time.
  • From a single Facebook post, connected with a high net worth prospect, and closed multiple policies worth 3x MDRT.
  • Reclaimed his voice and confidence to speak up. Started a TikTok channel with 1.8M likes and 256.8K followers.

New Manager Advisor closed 3x MDRT from 1 Facebook post


Soh Yan Xin

Financial Service Director, Great Eastern Singapore


  • Newly promoted as manager with 6 people in the team, only 1 was performing. Was apprehensive about his leadership capabilities.
  • Reputation as the youngest COT winner in Malaysia ever. However, did not know how to capitalize on this branding and tell his story to attract people to join his team.
  • Was not well known outside of his company. His social media posts were liked and commented by colleagues only.


  • Now a manager of 10 people in the team after 1 year, 1 of them has been promoted to unit manager, and 2 of them managed to achieve MDRT for the first time.
  • Won TOT for the first time, and was awarded the Million Dollar Challenge (1 of only 3 in the whole of AIA Malaysia).
  • Regularly invited as a guest speaker to regional events, and even invited to give a keynote speech to financial planners in China.

 Wellness Product Business Owner triples her sales after coaching

Veronica Tan

Managing Director, Rev22 International


  • Wanted to position herself as a subject matter expert to differentiate herself from the many networking marketing companies out there by giving lunch time talks in corporations.
  • Pitch decks were too wordy and contents were overly technical and focused on the technology rather than how it helps customers. As a result, her conversion were poor.



  • Revamped the entire speech deck, rewrote her scripts and storyboard 3 presentations on 3 different topics that she offered her corporate clients. The topics were more appealing, and she received more invitations to speak.
  • After the revamp, every speech she gave resulted in a mass of people crowding at the back of the room checking out the products, and she books revenue of between SGD$8,000 to $10,000 per speech. This is twice to triple the previous sales she was clocking.

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